Honoring the Martyr

The Martyr's Bureau proposed and implemented several projects with the   participation of many spectrums of society. The aim of these projects is to enhance the value of giving in life and its importance in the prosperity of the society:

Martyrs Street :

One of the most important streets in the capital, Alhilali street previously, was named the "Martyrs" street.

Public Drinking Water :

The Marty's Sibeel, a public drinking water project in many sites in Kuwait city.

Martyrs' Area :

Naming one of the modern model areas in South Surrah "Shuhada", Martyrs.

Mail Stamps :

Martyrs' mail stamps were issued and circulated locally and internationally. It contributed in highlighting the Kuwaiti people concern in martyrdom and informing the world of the humanitarian sacrifices of Kuwaitis to liberate their country.

Martyr's Museum :

The Martyr's Museum includes photographs of Kuwaiti martyrs who defended their country from the first moments of the brutal Saddam invasion. It also includes photographs of non-Kuwaiti martyrs who stood beside Kuwait, defended it and sacrificed their lives expressing their refusal to the bygone regime.

The Museum also includes photographs of the bygone regime crimes and a special corner for kids to enhance their loyalty to their country.

Martyrs’ Monument :

One of the vital projects is “The Martyrs’ Monument” which was built in the 6th governorate to commemorate the martyrs each according to his/her residential area.

Annual Cultural Competition :

The Annual Cultural Competition is one of the most prominent achievements adopted by the Martyr’s Bureau and targets the different categories in the society due to the importance of this project and its aim to achieve and implement the Bureau’s nobel mission which aims at commemorating the Martyrs implant the national spirit, giving and dedication in the society.

When the Amiri Decree to establish the Martyr’s Bureau was issued, the philanthropists hurried to donate for the Bureau expressing their support to this deed and in gratitude to the martyrs sacrifice. His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah, the late Amir, ordered to allocate these donations for charitable works outside the country to spread the good of this land, contribute with brothers in the Arab and Islamic countries in their philanthropic projects, and affirming that Kuwait is an integrated part of the Arabian and Islamic Ummah.

It was agreed with the International Islamic Authority and African Muslim Committee to cooperate in some philanthropic projects amongst,  such as :  Azhari Institute (Elementary and secondary) – Egypt, Integrated Islamic center (Men – Women) Indonesia And  Philippines, and  Vocational training institute – India.

Martyr's Day (2nd August ):

The Martyr’s Bureau exerts a distinguished effort for this day. It organizes a festival in one of the hotels or a shopping mall in Kuwait where special mottos related to the martyrs of Kuwait are launched and a variety of competition, symbolic gifts, Kuwait flags and publications related to this occasion.

Liberation Day Festival ( 26 th February ) :

During the Liberation Day which coincides with the National Day of the State of Kuwait, the Martyr’s Bureau represented by the Honoring Department holds a special celebration expressing the happiness in liberating the country from the invasion of the deposed regime.

Special publications are issued to commemorate Kuwait martyrs, augmenting martyrdom concept and enhancing the belonging to the land and defending it.

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