About the Center

In an implementation of the late HH Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah desire, the ministerial resolution no. 14/1984 was issued on 7 February 1984 to establish the Center of Historic Documentations. It was expanded to include Al Diwan Al Al Amiri Library in 1966 and became the Center of Historic Documentations and Al Diwan Al Amiri Libraries.
This center is considered one of the pioneer documentation institute that defines the history of the Sate of Kuwait; its people, land and culture in particular and the history of the Arab Peninsula in general.

The importance of establishing the center was stemmed from the interest of HH Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah in the history of this nation and his true desire of restoring it for Kuwait generations to realize the development and the events experienced by their ancestors and learn from it. The Center contains copies of documents from international archives related to the State of Kuwait and the Arab Peninsula. All these Archives contain a fortune of historic materials that highlight several ways of life in the region.

The Center Departments

  • Historic Documents Department.
  • Library Information Department.
  • Research, Translation and Publishing Department.


The Center Objectives

First: Preserving and documenting the History and rulers of Kuwait through:

  • Acquisition of documents from its various resources.
  • Maintenance and restoration of the current and future documents to preserve them from damage.
  • Continuing in developing and adding new collections of documents and historic photos from foreign archives.
  • Encouraging citizens to deposit their historic documents and photos.
  • Continuing in looking for rare books from its different resources.
  • Open the door for researchers and specialists to make use of the center services.
  • Issuing books, resources, researches and specialized publications.
  • Issuing bibliographies and specialized indexes.

The Center Activities

The Center of Historic Documents and Al Diwan Al Amiri Libraries have many vital activities to activate its role on the local and Arab informatics documentation path. These activities are:

  • Annual visits to international archives specially the courtiers that have historic ties with Kuwait like Britain, India, Turkey, Russia, Germany, France and many others to obtain as much as possible documents, historic maps, photos, family trees and collecting, particularly those which were stolen during the Iraqi invasion.
  • Bridging other archives and documentation centers in the Gulf countries.
  • Local visits to libraries, museums, and historic areas to exchange experiences.
  • Participation in specialized regional and international conferences, symposiums and meetings to keep pace with relative scientific development and pave the way for new cooperation channels.
  • Organizing the 24th Session of the conference of the GCC Documents and Researches Secretariat during the period from 13 to 15 May 2008.
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