Iman Sulaiman Ruheem Al Saeed
The Assistant Under Secretary for Economic Affairs
Jamal Mahmmod Ahmad Abdul Ghafoor
The Assistant Under Secretary for Amiri Protocol
Bader Ali Muhammad AlZaabi
The Assistant Undersecretary for Information and Culture Affairs
Majed Yousef Majed AlMajed
The Assistant Undersecretary of Amiri Protocol Affairs
Shiekha \ Hana Bader Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah
The Assistant Undersecretary of Administrative, Development and Follow-up Affairs
Mai Mohammad Ahmad Alameeri
The Assistant Undersecretary of Al-Diwan Al-Amiri Undersecretary's Office Affairs
Khaled Abdel Nabi Behbehani
The Assistant Under Secretary of the Deputy Minister office of Amiri Diwan Affairs
Sheikha \ Mona Al-Jaber Al Abdullah Al Sabah
The Assistant Under Secretary for Historical Documents and Al-Diwan’s Library
Hamad Abdullah Buhasan
The Assistant Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs
Abdul Razak Abdul Razak Al-Khamis
The Assistant Under Secretary for Special Affairs
Hanan Mejren Ahmed Al-Hamad
The Assistant Under Secretary for translation affairs
Fatima Ahmed Al Ameer
Director of the Martyrs Memorial Bureau
Abdullah Abdulhadi Mohammad Al Jiri
Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs
Niyaz Mohammad Hussain Khajah
Assistant Undersecretary for Engineering Affairs
Khawla Abdulaziz Ahmed Al Muawad
Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs
Sheikh \ Sabah Nasser Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah
Assistant Undersecretary for Political Affairs
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