“…Security, Stability, the rule of Law, and the Principles founded by the Constitution, are the rules on which we depend for maintaining public life and continuing all services and facilities in all aspects of life…” .

“…The loyalty, the interest and the affiliation of our homeland is above all. So make sure to protect our homeland security and maintain our national unity, and open the doors of future with the hard sincere work and launch the process of construction, development and progress until we reach our bright future…”.

“…We believe that Kuwait is for all, not for one category without the other; everyone lives on its land and belongs to its identity…”.

“..The real citizenship measured by what we offered to our homeland from loyalty, devotion, sacrifice and redemption…”.

“…Our young people are the real wealth to our dear country. They always deserve a special care and attention because they are the base, hope and future of this country. We have to immunize them from the stray thoughts and the deviant behavior and work on their adherence to our religion. Islam calls for moderations and promotes to the values of belonging to their homelands as we must invest their energies and refine their talents in granting and tender…”.

“…The challenges we face today require collective effort and cooperation with brothers and friends to be able to address them and fortify our countries against them…”.

“…the formulation of a Gulf unified paper to be discussed, in which we determine the risks, and embody the challenges, where frankness is a title, and openness is the content. This paper should be a statement that draws a common vision for confronting such challenges from a Gulf perspective via consulting with our strategic ally, to increase the maturity of our vision, to form a unified strategy that reflects the depth of our Gulf experience as well as its recognition of the magnitude of the challenges we face…”.

"… Advancing the governmental work is an important mission in order to achieve an optimistic vision to rebuild Kuwait as a modern financial and trade center. Changing the current approach and style of governmental work and creation in providing the service are your responsibility … The mission of the work in the government sector is basically serving the beneficiaries in an efficient, just and transparent way… " .

“… Let us work together to restore the pioneer role of Kuwait as a modern financial and trade center … Realizing this ambitious goal requires you – as businessmen- to play active role and significant presence at the forums and related activities, propose creative initiatives to build our national economy, contribute in frank and right opinion in all policies, legislations and related schemes to achieve our national goals in economic development and building the Kuwaiti individual …”.

" …We have many hopes but we also face many challenges….If we are to reach our country's potential, then there must be constant cooperation between the legislative and executive branches of our government. A consensus is the only way we will be able to encourage the development of our country. We must put aside tribal and sectarian loyalties and work for the good of our country as a whole, for the national will, so that Kuwait will be the winner not an individual…".

"…We cannot afford to stagnate, we must move forward. We have a duty to transform Kuwait into a centre of hard work and innovation, a testament to progress and modernity….".

"…Positive regional and international developments are providing us with valuable opportunities to rebuild our economy and to encourage the progression of our society so that we can keep up with the demands of a new era. In order to achieve this, we need to make Kuwait a regional centre for commerce and finance….".

"… The aim of this strategy is to diversify our economy as we can no longer be dependent solely on oil for our revenues. We need to utilize the creative energy of our young people, to create new job opportunities and to ensure that our country embarks upon a long term sustainable and prosperous economic path…".

"… The economic relationship that we envisage is one that provides job opportunities and a high standard of living for the people of our two countries. Based on mutual trust and equality, this relationship will have a long term vision…".

"… The cooperation that we seek is the cooperation based on democratic dialogue, constructive criticism, well intentions, true utterance, and work to attain the best opinion, and the ideal objective for the good of this land now and in the future…".

"… Development and planning have the first national priority, that must be agreed upon, and work to achieve, for planning and development are life necessity and the bases for building and securing the future of our sons and our future generations. What we aspire to in planning and developments must revolve around the Kuwaiti citizen, their objectives are his welfare and happiness, and the ways to implement that is through his work, diligence, activity, knowledge, initiative coupled with his openness and tolerance…".

"… I call upon you to adopt a new approach in political work and a new vision in national work based on anticipating the future without denying the past, looking for internationalism without abandonment of locality, being keen to modernization with a grip of originality to position our nation among nations applying the reasons of civil advancement within a frame of fixed values and principles to which the Kuwaitis were brought up, a generation after the other …".

"…While I reassure today that our obligation of democracy and responsible freedom is stable, and deep rooted as our irrevocable choice, I also assure that the constitution represents the contract that we agreed upon for organizing the relation, for everyone to work under its umbrella, as a civilizational  achievement we are all proud of, and I will always personally work for its preservation and protection…".

" … we have to invest in human and innovative promising  powers of our youth , enhance their gifts and urge  them for giving and participation in building the country. This shall not be realized but through the assessment  and development of our educational entities and their curricula, and updating our educational system to be up to the contemporary requirements. Building the future of our country should be accompanied by the process of building and qualifying the Kuwaiti national. Our students should utilize their gifts and devote their powers and times for academic achievement, studying contemporary sciences, and not to give attention to any calls that might keep them from their academic achievement…".

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