Decorations Awarded to
H.H. the Amir of the State of Kuwait
Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

No. Awarding Entity Name Rank
1 Republic of Turkey The Order of the State of the Republic of Turkey The Highest Order in the Republic of Turkey
2 Sultanate of Oman “Al Saeed” Order One of the highest Omani orders
3 Republic of Croatia The Great Order of King Tumislav with the Sash and the great morning star The highest order in the Republic of Croatia
4 United Mexican States Aztec Eagle Order The highest order in the  United Mexican States
5 Kingdom of Spain Medal of Merit (Civilian) First Class
6 Kingdom of Spain Medal of Merit (Civilian) Third Class
7 The International Council of Military Sports (CISM) Merit Sash Order The greatest sash of the first class
8 Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam The Order of “Qarabt Mahakot Bruni” The Highest Order of the Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam
9 Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization Medal of “Abo Baker Al-Seddiq (May Allah be Pleased with him) First Class
10 H.E. Ban K. Moon (former) UN Secretary Certificate of Appreciation “as a Leader for Humanitarian Action”  
11 Republic of Tajikistan “Ismael Samani” order First Class
12 The State of Palestine Jerusalem Medal of the highest class  
13 The United Kingdom The Most Honorable Order of the Bath First Class
14 International Islamic Charitable Organization Charity Medal of the Leaders  
15 Republic of Albania The Order of “George Castriot skandar Bek” The highest honor in the Republic
16 Republic of Lebanon The National Cedar Medal Exceptional Rank
17 Republic of the Philippines Candola Medal of Merit  
18 Japan Imperial “Chrysanthemum” Medal. The highest medal awarded by Japan
19 Republic of Argentina Liberator San Martin Medal First class
20 The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Al-Hussein Bin Ali Medal The highest Jordanian medal
21 Arab Republic of Syria National Order of the Greatest Sash  
22 Republic of Italy Presidential Order of Merit First class
23 The Federal Republic of Germany Presidential Order of Merit First class
24 Sultanate of Oman Oman Civil Order First class
25 Delegation of the Coordination Center for the Muslims of the Northern Caucasus in the Russian Federation Order of Merit of the republics of the Caucasus First class
26 Republic of Azerbaijan Order of Merit First class
27 Republic of Lebanon Lebanese Order of Merit Exceptional Class with the Greatest Sash Rank
28 Republic of South Korea The Greatest Order of “ Mughung-hwa” The highest order awarded by the state
29 Kingdom of Morocco Almuhamadi Order Excellent Class
30 Libya Medal of the 40th Anniversary of Al-Fateh Revolution  
31 Republic of Colombia Order of Merit First class
32 United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayed Order  
33 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia King Abdul Aziz Sash  
34 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia King Abdul Aziz Order  
35 Kingdom of Bahrain Order of Essa Bin Salman Al Khalifa  
36 State of Qatar Independence Medal  
37 Republic of France Grand Chorus of Honor Order  
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